If you want a copy of your chart, please send us an email request. There is a charge of USD 30 to 45 and the chart can be sent electronically (encrypted for confidentiality ) or by mail.

If you want to pursue treatments at CNY Fertility then contact them directly to get an appointment with me or any other available provider. Please be aware there is a wait to get appointments with CNY and many times clients are put on waiting lists. All services are charged and your Canadian health insurance is not accepted.

The consultations are done via phone or videoconference.

If you want to pursue treatments at Newlife Fertility contact them directly for an appointment with me. Quebec health insurance is not accepted for fertility consultations. The consultations are done via videoconference.

I encourage you to go the above routes for appointments. However, due to long delays or the need for a more personalized evaluation of your case, especially if it is starting a new treatment, you can use the concierge service below which is provided via the United States and is not covered by Canadian health insurances. Be aware that using this service will not result in double charges in the event I need to set up a chart either at CNY or Newlife in order to start treatments.

If you want a personal consultation as a new patient or an existing patient to plan treatments, there is a charge of USD 400 for up to 1 hour or USD 250 for up to 30 minutes.

During this consultation, the best treatment options are reviewed, the choice of clinic, either Newlife or CNY, can be determined and you will be set up for that clinic. In my opinion this service is particularly helpful if you are either a new patient looking for a second opinion or if you are dealing primarily with CNY fertility. This service will also be helpful if there is a language barrier.

As mentioned above, If you want to avoid these costs you can make an appointment directly at CNY or Newlife.

There is a different concierge service for IVF cycle or Embryo transfer monitoring. The fees are USD 450 to supervise personally the IVF cycle. This is especially valuable if you are doing IVF at CNY where monitoring decisions are made by nurse practitioners and the fees are USD 300 if you are doing Frozen embryo transfers.

Both fees will include access to Dr Faruqi (or a bilingual Fertility specialist colleague in the event I am not available) via text or phone during the cycle and will include personalized monitoring of the treatment and logistical support for remote monitoring.

If you want to avoid monitoring fees, then we will use the regular monitoring systems for each clinic and we can evaluate the results during the post cycle review.

You now choose which options are best for your case and which will save time and money as well as which will give you the level of personalized care you require.

If you need some other service not mentioned above, please send us an email and we will try our best to assist you.

NewLife Fertility Centre : Email Victoria at

CNY Syracuse : +1 315-469-8700

Best wishes,

Dr Faruqi  

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