Health is a key element in one's equilibrium. Gynesys provides the latest advances in medical and surgical therapies in women's health care.

Maintain or regain your health with the help of experienced professionals.

Get reliable diagnosis with advanced equipment.

Take advantage of minimally invasive techniques that greatly reduce the risk of sequelae and scars and take you on the road of quicker recovery.


Our gynecological care include:

  • Infertility treatment
    Whether you have trouble ovulating, are suffering from endometriosis, tubal disease, male factor or unexplained infertility, Gynesys provides, according to each case and situation, treatments to induce ovulation, surgery or assisted reproductive techniques and technology (such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization). Visit our page dedicated to fertility problems.
  • Menstrual cycle disorders
    Whether you suffer from heavy periods (menorrhagia), prolonged absence of periods (amenorrhea) or painful periods (dysmenorrhea), Gynesys offers treatments that solve or improve most menstrual disorders.
  • Cancer prevention and treatment (ovary, uterus, cervix, etc.)
    Our medical services and surgical procedures are professional and efficient. Our priority service will help you avoid long waiting times.
  • Restoration of pelvic support
    Whether you have urinary incontinence or pelvic organ support issues, Gynesys offers several treatments that effectively correct these problems.

We have various diagnostic equipments on site to give the best care:

  • Colposcopy
    Have you received an abnormal PAP test result, Gynesys is there to reassure you, solve the problem (if indicated) and provide professional monitoring.
  • Ultrasound
    Ultrasound, when necessary, is available immediately at the time of the consultation and may also be performed at the request of your family doctor.

This list is a snapshot of our primary gynecological services and care. Each woman's needs being unique, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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